Nutrigo Lab Burner is a reliable dietary supplement for active people who dream of reducing excess body fat!

In Poland, a lot of people struggle with excess body fat. Research shows that it is as much as 68% of men and 53% of ladies. Unfortunately, the problem does not stop and the number of people struggling with overweight grows every year. Overweight and obesity lead to serious health consequences, so take care of yourself as soon as possible to enjoy attractive health. But there is also an attractive news, because more and more women and men are slimming and want to take care of their figure. They follow diets, go to gyms, or exercise at home. Very common among people going through the weight loss process is also the use of adequate dietary supplements that effectively feed them in obtaining a perfect figure. There are many specifics for slimming on the market, but many of them are harmful and their use can have significant consequences for health, so it is worth focusing on natural preparations that are safe to use and provide only benefits. One of such products, which is distinguished by a diverse composition and effectiveness, is Nutrigo Lab Burner.

Nutrigo Lab Burner is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, which has been prepared with care for active people who want to get rid of excessive fat tissue and additionally make their muscles visible. The effect of the capsules gives a lot of advantages, including helping to reduce body fat, blocking fat storage, helping to maintain the proper blood sugar level and eliminating appetite. It is one of the most active fat burners on the market. The perfect effectiveness of the product depends on the rich composition. The formula contains 6 valuable and active elements that effectively deal with fat.
The composition of the product focuses on high-quality elements that effectively feed the slimming process, reduce body fat and improve metabolism. The specificity is suggested to take two capsules once a day, either before training or a meal. The preparation is a great support during weight reduction or body sculpting. Compared to the others, it is distinguished by an abundant set of as many as 6 active substances, a great content of ingredients in a daily dose as well as excellent ratings among buyers and professionals. The agent was thoroughly researched and tested before it was launched on the market. Research confirms its strong action and safety in taking. It does not bring any unnecessary side effects. The supplement is becoming more and more popular and is eagerly used by athletes and bodybuilders.


More and more people are slimming, unfortunately the overweight is reaching people of all ages and the lifestyle we lead is a frequent cause. Fortunately, people are aware of their troubles and are trying to lose weight effectively. They use various types of diets and also engage in sports activities. We are very happy that Poles, however, choose the right lifestyle and need to take care of themselves. However, the process of losing weight is not as simple as they think and many of them give up halfway to their goal. However, in order for slimming to be efficient, it is enough to add an ideal dietary supplement to the diet and training that will help them during this exhausting time. One of such products that I freely recommend is Nutrigo Lab Burner, which is an active and safe burner available on the market. It is characterized by an original and extremely high-quality formula, which includes as many as 6 active substances that are perfect for reducing body fat, as well as sculpting muscles. At the same time, its natural composition does not bring any troublesome side effects. The supplement is in the form of capsules that should be used once a day, two capsules each, preferably before training, if you train intensively or before a meal. The measure is not only designed to reduce body fat, but at the same time rebuild muscles after exhausting training. It helps to achieve great results, enrich energy without the need to accumulate fat in the body. Fat tissue is burned on an ongoing basis, so it does not accumulate. The supplement can be taken by active people who practice any sports discipline. It will also work well before the competition, when you need to lose a few kilos. Its specificity is highly appreciated by users who declare its effectiveness and safe operation. It is a great help for them and will allow you to achieve extraordinary and dream effects.

Customers opinion:

I have been taking Nutrigo Lab Burner for a long time. I have to admit that the effectiveness of the product surprised me quite well. I am extremely proud because I have noticed a significant decrease in my weight. I feel extremely lighter, I no longer have the same appetite as I used to, so I can eat systematically and stick to my diet. I think that without the use of capsules I would not have been able to stick to my diet. In addition, I recommend the product because it is reliable!

I take Nutrigo Lab Burner because I need to reduce unnecessary fat tissue. I want to keep the optimal weight, but it is difficult to get rid of only fat. Fortunately, the supplement is extremely helpful in this and I achieve my goals in an express way. I always take the supplement before training. A few more weeks and I’ll get to the target effect! I can’t wait for him! I recommend!

I need to admit that thanks to using Nutrigo Lab Burner my weight has finally started to drop! This is especially convenient when there are fewer kilos on the scale every week. I claim that the supplement is an effective fat burner and is effective from day one. My appetite has definitely minimized, the calories are burning quickly, and the belly fluff disappears! Nothing more nothing less! I recommend!

My most important mistake while losing weight was snacking between meals, which made the diet not working as it should. A friend gave me the idea that I should use a useful product that would make my exaggerated appetite suppress and my weight would finally move down! I chose Nutrigo Lab Burner! I need to admit that this is a bull’s-eye and the supplement works well! I recommend!


SINETROL® Xpur – the formula has been patented, its composition is influenced by: guarana, orange and grapefruit extract, their action is responsible for increasing the release of glycerol and fatty acids
Garcinia cambogia Citrin® extract – a source of hydroxitric acid, which is indispensable in the synthesis of fatty acids, triglycerides and cholesterol
Raspberry extract – enhance lipolysis and secrete fatty acids from adiopocytes
Chromium – has a great impact on weight loss, inhibits excessive appetite
Black pepper fruit extract (Bioperine®) – a source of piperine, blocks the formation of new fat cells,
Turmeric rhizome extract – known as Indian saffron or turmeric, it works properly for slimming, supports the digestive system

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